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KSASNT, the Kuwait Section of American Society For Non Destructive Testing Inc. , organized their 1st technical presentation in the current program year (July 2012 to June 2013) on 29-November-2012 in Alghanim International (Oil & Gas division), Ahmadi, Kuwait on Understanding of TOFD delivered by Mr. RENU ANBALAGAN, one of the most renowned Pressure Vessel Specialist & NDT Professional. Mr.N.H.Reddy anchored the meeting. 

Time- of-flight diffraction (TOFD) method of ultrasonic testing is a sensitive and accurate method for the non destructive testing of welds for defects. TOFD was invented in UK in the 1970s initially as a research tool. The use of TOFD enabled crack sizes to be measured more accurately, so that expensive components could be kept in operation as long as possible with minimal risk of failure. 

The program was sponsored by Alghanim International, an innovative business solution provider & a specialist in upstream, midstream and downstream work; one of the biggest, fastest & most reliable company in Kuwait. As a token of appreciation mementos were presented to the speaker Mr. RENU ANBALAGAN by Basel Lofty Afify and to Mr. Basel Lofty Afify (sponsor of the event - Alghanim International) by Mr.Nayef Al Enezi (Chairman- KSASNT).

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